Why OSI Group Has Been Seen As A Solid Business

Why OSI Group Has Been Seen As A Solid Business

What does it really take to build a sustainable company that everyone can point to as not .only a model of success but one that loves the people it serves? So many finance business experts have different answers to that, but one company, OSI Group may know just how to do it. This company is famous for developing different meat products including being the provider of some of the most delicious cheeseburger sandwiches at McDonald’s and the pizza at Pizza Hut. They’ve been around for a long time not only because they’ve rolled out new products that have proved innovative in the food industry, but also because they’ve tried to keep the way they’ve been managed very much like the family company they were founded as.

Otto & Sons was what about OSI Group was first known as, a name given by Chicago native Otto Kolschowsky who had a butcher shop where he first ran things. It grew into a big Chicago meat market, but the owners then made plans to grow it very large, but they needed help to do this. The growth plan had been started thanks to a deal they reached with McDonald’s restaurants in 1955 to be their chief meat supplier.Otto & Sons looked into the financial industry to find a man who could help them get a loan and use it to open some large production facilities, and that man was Sheldon Lavin.

Starting as a financing consultant at Otto & Sons, Lavin advised the owners on where to open the new plant, and the more knowledge they gleaned from Lavin, the more they wanted him to stay with the company. Lavin agreed to this, and as it began to grow and see its revenue increase, the owners decided to make him a partner owner in the company and nominated him as CEO. Several years later, the company was renamed to OSI Group and from there it began buying up meat companies around the business world and became a $6 billion company.OSI Group may be large, but Lavin and his fellow executive David McDobald have often said they like to give people at the ground level their say in how things should be done. OSI has also made workplace safety a big part of how they run and has made sure they use the right practices to keep workers safe as much as possible. The British Safety Council was quite impressed by how OSI’s facilities were managed that they gave them a high honor award for it.


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