Using Skout to Keep in Touch

Social media fans, rejoice! If the current platforms you have been using aren’t enough for you, then Skout might be the next best thing for your phone. Skout is a free downloadable app that has been around for a little while, but is now picking up in speed thanks to its popularity.

As originally reported in Adweek, like other social media tools, users on Skout can meet new people, make new friends, and of course, exchange pictures. It’s quite simple to sign up. You can do it using an email address or even from a Facebook account. After signing up, you have to fill out a profile, which includes whether you are interested in women or men. The developers say this helps the app display only people you might be interested in.

The main screen is a bit different than what many social network regulars are used to. The main screen just shows a grid view of different people who happen to be online.

Skout has some features that may be new to some. You can open another section on the app called the “drawer.” This shows you other wasy of browsing the user network. Click “buzz” to show your social feed, “Look at Me” to play a game and earn points, or “Shake to Chat” to start a conversation with a completely random stranger.

A lot of the features on Skout will cost users “points.” Points can be purchased or you can get them by working with the site’s advertising partners or getting other people to pay points to view your private photos, called “backstage photos.”

You can use points that you have earned or purchased to find out who has looked at your profile or sned a “wink bomb” to other users.

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  1. You can tap any picture to bring up that person’s profile. Then you can add them to your favorites, start taking, wink at them, or block them. I also have a lot of rushessays waiting for me to come back.

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