Todd Lubar: Owner and president of TDL Global Ventures

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures. He is also the senior vice president of Legendary Investment. Todd Lubar started his education at the Sidwell Friends School located in Washington DC. He as in this institution between the years 1977 and 1987. He then joined the Peddie School located in Hightstown, New Jersey. After his high school education, he attended the Syracuse University where he graduated with a degree in Speech communication.

Todd Lubar first job was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked for about 4 years. He then joined Legacy Financial Group where he worked until 2005. Legacy Financial Group is located in Arlington, Texas. As a part of his achievements at the firm, he helped the company record over $100 million dollars in loan volumes in a single year. In 2005, he moved on and joined the Charter Funding as a senior vice president of the organization. He held the position up to 2007 when he left the company when the real estate industry was hit by the great economic recession crisis.

Todd Lubar has concentrated on leading a career in mortgage banking but once I n a while has gone out of the way to make investments in other sectors. His vast knowledge in the real estate sector as well as in other industries has made him a proficient business person who knows how to start and manage a business in all manner of business environments. Currently, through hid TDL Global Ventures he is focused on providing mortgage services to people who otherwise cannot benefit from the traditional mortgage lenders.

Todd Lubar narrates on Inspirery that the reason why he started TDL Global ventures was to help other people fulfill their dreams. Having worked in the finance and credit sector he realized that not everyone is covered by the plans that are in place especially with the traditional lenders. He wanted to come up with a product that would address the issues of every person and give them access to loans. Todd insists that for any business to be successful the owner must first focus on helping the clients. Only then can a business have chances of development. `


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