CEO, PosiGen

Thomas Neyhart at PosiGen: Energy, Efficiency, and Transformation with Solar Power

PosiGen is a company born out of a need for a better way of life through energy. When hurricane Katrina hit, the citizens of New Orleans wanted to rebuild, better, less expensively, and more efficiently. That’s where PosiGen came in. The founders wanted to help the communities that needed it most and came to the rescue. Basing their sales on savings, Thomas Neyhart explains, they’ve utilized a plan that if one can’t save money by having solar power in their homes, then they just won’t install. The idea though is that everyone will save money going this route and they want to prove it. 


Primary Goals

PosiGen solar power company has four primary goals to help make a difference in all the communities that they supply. At PosiGen, they want to ensure that families in low to moderate-income areas will have access to this affordable solar power and in that, they support these four primary goals (Crunchbase). 


Making a positive impact on the families they serve

PosiGen solar power company wants to help families save money and improve their homes. They don’t have to make every dollar, but they want to save their customers, every dollar. To provide job opportunities to the communities they serve, Thomas Neyhart points out. PosiGen is diverse, and it’s important to them to provide job opportunities directly to the people in the diverse communities that they work for. That’s why more than 65% of their employees are women or people of color. Supporting growth in low-income communities and those communities of color. PosiGen is bringing changes to high-need communities by helping their customers save on utility costs. When those customers save, the extra money is then put back into the communities that need it most supporting the economy and growth on a local level. 


Making a difference in the environment – from big to small

PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart believes that when solar power is affordable, people will more than likely invest in it. This creates a large environmental impact and a large impact on their customers. Their energy and efficiency upgrades ensure that their customers’ homes are safe and clean. Solar power has large global impacts, but PosiGen is also helping its customers live safer and cleaner lives. With all these impacts, it’s no wonder that PosiGen is transforming the globe. Currently, PosiGen has five office locations – two in Louisiana, two in Connecticut, and one in New Jersey. To learn more about PosiGen, please visit their website at: