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The Grand Plan of Granderson Des Rochers: The Story Behind the Success of Damien Granderson

In today’s digital world, it is easy for people to feel disconnected, as entertainment lawyer Damien Granderson states. In the post pandemic era, many spend long hours at their jobs and come home to responsibilities beyond checking email. However, amid these obligations and responsibilities, there are still ways to find balance and meaning in life. 


The same holds for high-profile individuals with demanding careers, as Damien Granderson states. Despite their busy schedules, these individuals often find a way to achieve personal fulfillment outside their professional pursuits. In the case of Marcia Granderson Des Rochers, her passions included art, literature, philosophy, and history. She found time each day to read books and practice drawing so frequently that she was eventually able to illustrate several published children’s books.


This, in her signature style – a cartoon squirrel called “Marcos Red Squirrel” whose name inspired her nickname “Marcos Red.” In fact, as an adult, Marcia took on the surname Granderson Des Rochers as a way of reconnecting with her great-grandparents, who were originally from Belgium. You’ve probably never heard of Granderson Des Rochers, but the company is responsible for some of the most-used inventions in the world today. 


This company is credited with creating the first ironing board, the corkscrew, and a safety lock for your home. But what led this small business to make so many valuable products? And, as Damien Granderson keeps on, how have those inventions impacted our daily lives? Keep reading to find out. The history of inventions is filled with stories of people who created something new and found success because of it. 

The creators of car manufacturers like Ford or Ferrari are examples that come to mind of people who put their creative twist on an idea and blew others away with its success. But what about those people who don’t invent things regularly? How can you use your unique abilities to change how society thinks about something you’re passionate about? Damien Granderson says that if you want to create a plan that turns your passion into profit, keep reading to discover how the inventor of the ironing board did it by learning more about him and his journey toward success.