The Council’s President, Doug Haynes, Is a Trusted Counsel to Ceos in the Public and Private Sectors.

Dough HaynesAs the President of The Council, Doug Haynes’ portfolio is focused on advising private and public enterprises on utilizing the power of the equity market. Doug Haynes’ experience as an investor, diplomat, and advisor to the highest echelons of business and government shows in his work as the President of The Council.

Doug Haynes is also the founder and chairman of Haynes Associates, a consulting firm that provides strategic advice to Fortune 500 and emerging market companies. He has written about various topics such as investing, financial literacy, and the best ways to diversify your portfolio.

When asked regarding advice to a pro-business individual or business owner, Doug often says, “Believe it or not, even the most successful businesses are not without their flaws.” Business owners and investors often find themselves in a quandary when evaluating risk in the marketplace. Where to start? With the right data, a thorough understanding of the underlying risk, and perseverance, it’s possible to build a thriving business from nothing.

He is a lecturer at the Harvard Business School and has published several books on private equity and hedge funds. Additionally, he is the author of some great-selling books. Before joining The Council, Haynes spent more than 25 years in executive search, recruiting senior executives for various industries and functions.

Doug Haynes is an acclaimed keynote speaker and expert coach who has trained more than 16,000 executives from top companies in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. He is a sought-after business strategy advisor and corporate coach.

He has published more than 30 articles on leadership and management and made numerous presentations on leadership topics at conferences and in corporate settings. Doug has also worked with non-profit organizations, the media, and educational institutions.

Doug is an expert negotiator with a proven track record as an investor and administrator of large growth enterprises. He has also been a highly successful adviser to small and mid-sized enterprises.