Tempus Partners With Others to Increase Database

Eric Lefkofsky started Tempus, an analytical data tool that works to compile real time data to make informed decisions on treatment. Now the company’s goal is to become one of Chicago’s top health technology companies. They are already forming dynamic partnerships with Precision AI and CancerLinQ to move their business to the next level. Precision AI, a New York start up that works with artificial intelligence. CancerLinQ is a database of 600,000 patients with their treatment results. The database is maintained by American Society of Clinical Oncology.

This dynamic partnership will help doctors compile real time data to find the most effective treatment. The collaboration will last over ten years and touch close to 25 to 30 percent of cancer patients over the year. Tempus is familiar with partnerships. They partner with close to 50 research hospitals, including Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Mayo Clinic, and Duke University School of Medicine.

Tempus has been greatly expanding for the past two years. It has raised over 130 million and expanded to 300 on their team. The platform delivers a way for doctors to receive analytical and learning data about treatments, which allows for more personalized and specialized cancer care. The database takes the treatment data and analyze’s it against a patients DNA and RNA to see how effective the treatment would be for others. The goal of Tempus is for doctors to have a resource where they can learn how the patients before responded to treatment on a more molecular level.

The collaboration with CancerLinQ provides a unique opportunity, because they have been collecting data from an oncology society based in Alexandria, VA. This society collects from over 2,000 doctors and 100 practices. The only issue that they have is the data is not always in the same format, so Tempus will work to unify the data. The University of Chicago are working with the Tempus team to compile the records to 10,000 cancer patients.

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