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Summary of serial entrepreneur Alexander Guizzetti

Alexander Guizzetti is known as a serial entrepreneur and the president of 9d Ventures, a venture capital company. He has also been working to create a social media platform designed to connect fans to celebrities and influencers called The entrepreneur is looking towards launching the platform by this year. Alexander Guizzetti is from Michigan and grew up in Milwaukee. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has degrees in business management, real estate, economics, and a certificate in entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin School of Business. He planned to open his own business while still in school and it came to fruition during his final year of college. Guizzetti also passed some financial exams that led to working with The Vanguard Group. Aside from working as an entrepreneur, he works in the real estate industry and has an active license in the state of Arizona.

The entrepreneur enjoys working with lists and maps out his days accordingly with objectives and goals. He states it keeps him focused and on task. Different lists are made when it comes to projects. The individual works hand in hand with technology and pen to paper. Alexander Guizzetti makes sure to have his phone with him to take notes when any good ideas creep into his mind. When analyzing any idea, he always thinks about the associated risks or issues that can stem from it. His day-to-day schedule comprises of starting work by 9:00 AM till beyond midnight with a break by 6:00 PM to eat dinner and completing everything on his to-do lists, which can take till 2:00 AM and beyond. Guizzetti lives with his dog in Scottsdale. Aside from working, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, exercising, taking walks in the park, and playing golf. The entrepreneur is always looking for the next opportunity and that is scouting early-stage startups that need funding.

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