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Ryan Kavanaugh Speaks on the Dark Side of Social Media

Social Media Injustices: Why Ryan Kavanaugh has Sued Ethan Klein

Ryan Kavanaugh, a co-founder of Triller, has sued Ethan Klein over pirating PPV, leading to loss of hundreds of millions of dollars. PPV incidents defrauded Triller over $100 million in stolen views of the Jake Paul and Ben Askren fight. Pirating PPV incidents are rife, and whereas it’s illegal, YouTube places the onus of stopping the detestable vice on the owner. H3 Podcast and Ethan Klein went ahead to rebroadcast the stolen content to rake in more money through advertisements and sponsorship of the stolen property.

Klein bragged about pirating the PPV, which showed that he was acting in bad faith. He has vehemently trolled Ryan Kavanaugh on social media, slandering him personally. Klein has been working with his large followers to intensify the onslaughts on Kavanaugh. He utilizes Search Engine Optimization elements to make inappropriate videos about him pop up whenever one searches for his name.

Klein has encouraged his followers to constantly threaten Ryan Kavanaugh and his family if he doesn’t rescind his actions against him. He has also posted a misleading article that portrays Ryan Kavanaugh as a fraudster. Klein has encouraged people on YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram to upvote the unhealthy posts against him to drive the traffic to the page and make the Google search engine easily locate it.

Klein has paid Wikipedia editors to maliciously write ill things on his Wikipedia page in recent times. He has marshaled his followers and bots to push Triller’s app rating to one-star. Before this, Triller boasted a 4.7-star rating. All these malpractices are intent on denting Kavanaugh’s reputation and that of Triller. The evil goings-on can happen to anyone or business. Hopefully, the lawsuit will go a long way to stop Klein and serve as a deterrent for other people who post defamatory or malicious information on social media platforms.

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