Rocketship Education Brings Parents and Teachers Together

It can be hard to find a good school these days. Ask any parent what they want most for their children and they will answer you that they would want them to get a good education. That is why when a good charter school like Rocketship Education actually comes around, everyone rejoices.

Rocketship Education offers a unique experience to both parents and children. If you look at the statistics and at the scores children from Rocketship Education schools are getting on their tests compared to other schools in low income communities, you will clearly see how Rocketship Education is helping their students succeed.

What makes Rocketship Education different is that they focus on building a community. They do not just teach the kids. They build up the kids and create connections between parents and teachers. In fact, they become like a small family. The parents are always in communication with the teachers through email and other forms of communication. The teachers keep the parents up to date on what is happening with their children. They make sure that they are involved in the educational process as well by making their home a great place for their children. A stable and loving home is very important for a child’s success at school. When parents and teachers work together, a child will have a much greater chance of succeeding.

Not only that, but Rocketship Education will be there for families in need. When one of their students and his family suffered from a flood, Rocketship Education was there for them. They raised money and supplies.

Rocketship Education has 20 schools in three states, as well as Washington, DC.

Rocketship Education focuses on bringing out the best of each student through personalized education. They also focus on getting the parents involved in the educational process.

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