Robinson Helicopter Leads the Pack in the Aeronautics Industry

Robinson HelicopterFrank Robinson founded Robinson Helicopter in 1973, wanting to create cost-effective helicopters manufactured with high-quality parts. Its success has improved the company’s standing in the international market, selling aircraft to countries like Argentina and Poland. The manufacturer’s vehicles have also been used in attempts to fly around the world on multiple occasions. The popularity of these helicopters is widespread because they are capable of traveling to high-altitude and remote areas with ease. They are also efficient aircraft for both medical services and police due to their take-off/landing capabilities.

Born from a fascination with helicopters, Robinson centered his future around the development of them. After obtaining a degree from the University of Washington, he earned his stripes building various parts of helicopters for companies such as Cessna Aircraft Company, Bell Helicopter, and McCulloch Motor Company. Frank Robinson started Robinson Helicopter from his own home because he found little support for building inexpensive aircraft. Its R22 prototype garnered much attention in the industry, easily breaking every available record in its class of helicopter. Building off of this success with multiple models, a huge clientele base was created and the business eventually transitioned into the hands of Kurt Robinson, the son of the founder.

Robinson Helicopter

Robinson Helicopter is known for the multiple configurations it offers through its product line. The most notable models continue to be the R-44 and the R-66, with variations focusing on the police and news agencies. The aircraft are built in Torrance, California, utilizing a factory that performs all the tasks necessary to build the vehicles to completion. The manufacturer has a connection to over 400 businesses within the aeronautics field. Safety also remains a priority, offering classes taught by experts working with the International Helicopter Safety Team.

Robinson Helicopter has earned the Lifetime Aviation Achievement Award for the contributions its aircraft have made to the aeronautics industry as a whole. The company also holds a place in the Aviation Legend Hall of Fame through its founder, Frank Robinson. He has also received the Daniel Guggenheim Medal based on his work building the aircraft that became his organization’s legacy.