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Richard DeVaul Discusses Offensive VS Defensive Innovation Drivers

Richard DeVaul is an accomplished research scientist, innovator, and entrepreneur based in Menlo Park, California.

He is the co-founder of Kei Ventures and its Head of Venture Production. DeVaul has spent most of his career helping other business leaders and professionals understand innovation culture and leadership as an executive innovation consultant. In a recent interview, the research scientist went on to discuss offensive vs. defensive innovation drivers.

Is innovation Still Relevant?

According to Richard, over the last two decades, the term innovation has been misused widely. It has been used almost everywhere, and wherever you are, you will hear someone talking about it. This includes all kinds of people from politicians, motivational speakers, and real enterprising professionals. Unfortunately, this has led to the term’s dilution to the point where most people think it’s irrelevant. The research scientist pointed out that despite how bleak things have been, innovation is still relevant. Click here for more information.

Offensive vs. Defensive Innovation Drivers

This executive innovation consultant pointed out that businesses looking to embrace innovation should first understand their point. The approach can be either offensive or defensive. He pointed out that no matter the approach a company takes, there are always risks involved with innovation. Richard DeVaul clarified that if a business is opting to go with the offensive approach, the reward for their innovation must substantially outweigh the risk of failure.

On the other hand, a defensive approach to innovation involves riding waves. An excellent example of how rewarding a defensive approach can be is Microsoft, which neither invented the internet nor the first popular web browser.

About Richard DeVaul

DeVaul is an iconic research scientist, who holds an M.S. and a Ph.D. from the world-famous MIT Media Lab. He spent the early part of his career developing computational graphic design programming language. At the moment, Richard DeVaul boasts of having more than 70 patents registered to him and has also worked for cutting-edge programs like Google X.


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