Renew Youth Efficient and reliable Menopause Transition Management

Menopause in women can be recognized through various symptoms including; Bloating, low sex drive, hair loss, fat gain, mood swings, cold hands and feet, trouble sleeping and headaches. These symptoms are brought about by the dominance of estrogen hormone in the body. Estrogen dominance increases the risk factor for many diseases including various cancers, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and Fibrocystic breast disease.

Modern women are at a higher risk of experiencing hormonal imbalances due to the modern lifestyle. Most experts have pointed out some of the reasons why modern women are likely to reach menopause at an early age they include obesity, stress, and xenoestrogens which increases estrogen dominance in the body. Doctors have also given some remedies which include; eating plenty of fiber, keeping the liver healthy by avoiding alcohol, drugs, and caffeine as well as staying fit by doing regular health exercises.

Renew Youth is a health care center that has established a solution for the women nearing menopause stage. This health center has been in operation for more than 20 years hence earning much experience. Renew Youth has hired a team of qualified doctors whose mission is to ensure that women are assisted at an individual level to safeguard their health as they age. The doctors listen to the needs and interests of their clients hence base their treatment on patient recommendations.

Renew Youth has introduced H2 Hormone therapy that has helped millions of women manage their hormonal imbalances. Therapy services involve estrogen replacement which is very beneficial during the menopause stage. Before prescribing any dosage, the Renew Youth doctors test the level of estrogen metabolites to understand how the body is functioning. Renew Youth provide women with bioidentical progesterone as a menopause treatment. This prescription prevents the possibility of estrogen dominance after menopause transition hence it’s efficient.

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