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Reeve Benaron At Proxima Technologies

Intrivo is a company that strives to make the world more connected and innovative. This would be done through the process of business intelligence and providing software solutions for analysis. Led by Reeve Benaron, Intrivo has three primary services, which are: an enterprise-grade analytics platform that helps organizations derive insights from their data and Data as a Service (DaaS).


Daas is an environment for model development and deployment capabilities; and Professional Services which provide consulting, training, and architecture assessments to help companies select, develop and deploy the right solution based on their needs. Healthcare and business expert Reeve Benaron is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Intrivo. 


In addition, he is a serial entrepreneur. He was also the Founder of several different companies, including Biztravel, a company that helps companies with their travel needs; Teleroute, an online travel agency; and Proxima Technologies, an e-business company. Reeve Benaron led all these ventures to full success besides gaining the needed experience for future ventures.


According to their website, Reeve Benaron recalls how Intrivo’s goal is to democratize the world of business intelligence by providing enterprise-grade analytics that are easy to use at a fraction of the cost (Doyoubuzz).


When Reeve founded Intrivo in 2013, he hoped his CEO experience would help him build a successful company. He says, “I had been there, done that, and so I knew how not to do things”, Reeve Benaron explains. There were many challenges that Intrivo had to face when it first started. They needed to find a need for the product since it was so new and had never been created before. Another challenge they faced was finding qualified people in their field of vision of data mining and business intelligence.