Randy Douthit Explains how he Worked During the Pandemic.

Randy DouthitThe past two years have been difficult for most people in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic came unexpectedly, giving many businesses a rough time. Many people closed their establishments when they could no longer sustain their businesses. For the professionals in the television industry, many shows had to be cancelled.

The few programs aired on television had to be produced in challenging environments. Randy Douthit understands the television production section more than anyone else. The executive has worked in the industry for close to three decades. When the pandemic began, Randy couldn’t allow his show, Judge Judy, to stop its production. The crew had to accept the new safety precautions introduced by the American health section. Judge Judy’s team had to wear masks all the time while on set, something many kept complaining about. The production professionals had to take vaccines and tests to reduce the chances of infections while at work. The safety measures, at first, seemed very complex for everyone to understand and deal with. Randy’s team was not only worried about the masks and uncomfortable tests. The studio couldn’t accommodate the paid extras. When producing the show during the pandemic, the crew had to deal with empty studios to reduce the risk of exposure.

Randy DouthitThe office professionals were asked to remain in their homes when the pandemic began. These individuals utilized technology to deliver their work remotely. Judy Sheindlin, the most crucial person in the show, had to preside over cases online too. Sheinlin used to work from the East Coast. The respected judge would sit in front of the backgrounds views were used to. The judge could access evidence for the cases through special monitors. After scrutinizing the evidence, the judge would make her final ruling. Despite the hardships the production teams faced, Randy Douthit ensured the show did not slow down. The philanthropist ensured viewers were getting the best shows the same way they did before the pandemic started. The team maintained safety procedures, ensuring none of the members lost their lives to the dangerous disease. Randy looks forward to resuming regular productions later this year.