Paul Mampilly- Founder Of Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly is a hedge fund manager who has over 25 years of experience. He is the founder of Profits Unlimited and he assists people with learning about stocks to invest in. In 1991, Paul began his career at the Deutsche Bank. Prior to working at the Deutsche Bank, Mampilly obtained an MBA from Fordham University.

Throughout the 25 years he has gained experience with managing accounts that hold over $6 billion to accounts that are just getting started. Mampilly has worked with places such as the Royal Bank of Scotland and Kinetics International Fund. Kinetics International fund is a $6 billion company that excelled once Paul became the leader.

In 2012, he invested in a company that specifically worked to develop a drug that is used for muscular dystrophy. He also invested in Netflix, which saw a substantial gain before he stepped away from the company. When Mampilly founded Profits Unlimited, he worked to help individuals to decide which companies they should invest in. He also worked to help them decide when to sell them so that they would see a profit rather than a loss.

Paul was inspired to start his business stating that he was tired of working on Wall Street and helping the rich get richer. Although, due to his work on Wall Street, Paul was able to become profitable very quickly. Paul felt that he could offer his services to everyday people who genuinely needed help getting started. Once Mampilly stopped working on Wall Street, he began writing newsletters. As he was giving his advice and tips about investing, he realized that many people became interested in it so he decided to make a business out of it. As of right now, at the age of 42, Paul retired to spend more time with family, but still offer tips for people looking to invest.

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