BUSINESS LEADER, Community Leader, Philanthropist

Pamela Baer Demonstrates The Real Meaning Of Altruism By Giving Back Wholly To The Communities

Some people are generally born altruistic. Pamela Baer is one such person who seeks to have the lives of other people greatly improved at the expense of hers. Though she is a renowned businesswoman, Pam spends a significant amount of time advocating for the vulnerable people in society.

Pam Baer is also passionate about healthcare and as a result, she was named a lifetime director of the famous San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. Pam is married to the prominent Giants CEO, Larry Baer. She is one of the hardworking and influential women we have thus earned her a slot on the board of the prestigious Giants Community Fund as a member.

Pamela Baer also serves in the Family House as an Advisory Board member she is also named as a member of the Jewish Women’s Giving Circle. Internationally, Pam has been entrusted with working in the Founder’s Member Circle of Every Mother Counts. Originally Pam was from Texas where she studied at the prestigious University of Texas. In the university, Pam was awarded a degree in finance and led a very prosperous career in the sector of financial services. She would later move to New York City where she established a marketing business with a majority of her trusted clients.

Pamela Baer has a golden heart for giving back to the community and it is in this regard that she established a mobile store and channeled all money from the sales to promote several local non-profits. Pam understands too well the several challenges that people go through in their daily lives.

After she got married Pam and her husband, Larry Baer moved to San Francisco where she pioneered magnificent altruistic projects. She demonstrated her philanthropy by actively engaging and participating in fundraisings that are aimed at championing community-building experiences. Pam’s altruism was embedded since she was a kid. Pamela Baer has significantly transformed the lives of people in San Francisco and the US at large. Visit her profile on LinkedIn, for additional information.


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