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Online Trading Academy and Its Achievements

Nowadays, more people are venturing into trading, especially online trading. Therefore, if you are set on entering the trading world, you may need to consider having the right skills and tools for the task. The trading business is a risky endeavor, and as such, one has to have the proper discipline to be successful. Online Trading Academy, popularly known as OTA, is among the globally recognized financial educators. Since its inception 25 years ago, the academy has grown to have different education centers in over 35 countries globally. By 2021, the academy is estimated to have served over 85000 students.

Online Trading Academy has incorporated excellent strategies that have facilitated its success in financial education. Among the essential plan the academy has is Click. Click is an all-inclusive trading platform that OTA uses for teaching and analysis. Click is customized such that it can be sued by different users depending on their trading needs. The platform has highly experienced instructors who are knowledgeable in the trading industry. The academy’s students are, therefore, guaranteed a top-notch learning experience.

In June through August of 2021, International Business Awards, a global premium business award program, was held. Due to its prestige, lots of businesses globally participated. Entries from different organizations were received from over 63 nations. Also, the judging process was done by over 260 global executives. OTA made headlines after Click, its online trading platform, was awarded two Bronze Stevie Awards. The awards were in the Best Achievement in Product Innovation and Fintech Solutions category. Even after the awards, the academy’s vice president still humbly stated that their main agenda is positively impacting their customers’ lives despite the accolades.

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