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Online Trading Academy and Former Chief Economist of SEC Agrees Mutually that All Education is Not Equal

Investors rely on a variety of strategies, tools, and resources to help them make the best decisions about their trades and investments. For many of them, education was a top priority followed by years of practice. Online Trading Academy (OTA) made a spectacular impression on SEC’s Former Chief Economist, Dr. Jeffrey Harris, after he received an invitation to test the school’s curriculum.

He reviewed OTA’s virtual classes and extended learning sessions and acknowledged the Academy uses solid economic theories comparable to universities. The difference between the online trading school’s curriculum and that of a university is the one-on-one training. Online Trading Academy provides their students with experiential learning that is significant for developing skills and confidence as a trader and investor.

While colleges and universities educate students using some informational and theoretical educational material, Online Trading Academy uses a unique approach. When Dr. Harris tested OTA’s trading platform, CliK, he was in awe and discovered that universities did not include in a trading platform in their curriculum. It is something that he and OTA commented on that education is not all equal in finance and investment.

Online Trading Academy requested a third party financial professional who has years of experience serving as Chief Economist, Director, and Visiting Academic. He held positions with the US Securities Exchange Commission and the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission. He is presently serving as Chair in Finance for Gary D. Cohn Goldman Sachs at American University’s Kogod Business School.

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