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Min -Liang Tan Turning The Gaming Fun Into A Professional Empire

CNBC article; “Self-Made Billionaire Attributes His Success To One Particular Competitive Trait”, talks about how Min-Liang Tan, an undisputed business icon, having built one of the most recognizable brands in global gaming with a suite of services that continues to grow.

Min-Liang Tan from Singapore has grown to entertain many gamers worldwide from his gaming enthusiasm. Partnering with his co-founder Robert Krakoff, they started the Razer company.

Hence, the global market has grown; therefore, Razer is a multi-dollar empire, attracting services such as gaming hardware and software platforms. The wholistic idea arose for more demand and adventure by producing the most superior product in Razer, the Boomslang Mouse, which is convenient in precision and speedy in the gaming services.

The Razer CEO never stops at any level with the mentality of conquering each with the right objectives in mind. Razer has been able to brand itself as a trustworthy company even through its slogan for gamers. The company has devised ways of entertaining its users through events partnered with clubs online during the pandemic.

The COVID pandemic has significantly impacted the need for the company to induce other technologies to be in the competitive markets with different companies as it credits itself in positions to compete with others like Alibaba. Razer Inc credits itself in selling gaming laptops, mice, tablets; besides gaming services, Min-Liang Tan has also been in the frontline to help produce the face masks that are vital in reducing the spread of the disease.See this article to learn more.

A graduate from the National University of Singapore, Tan has been clinched an impressive honor among the most creative people in the Tech industry, among other accolades. Before getting into entrepreneurship, the global icon was into law before quitting to try his luck into the gaming industry. He has amassed a lot of wealth through his company, making him be among the self-made millionaires who are admirable in society. We can turn our interests into professionals if we work hard. Min-Liang Tan resides in San Francisco.


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