Managing Several Businesses and Acquiring Many Investments – How Ross Levinsohn Can Help Multiple Companies to Increase Revenue

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is an experienced executive who has managed numerous businesses, and he has created several companies that can offer consulting services, organize marketing campaigns and improve public relations. The entrepreneur has also provided many investments that benefited new companies. Currently, Ross Levinsohn is the CEO of Maven Inc., and this business can manage large investments, offer multimedia services and design innovative software.

Managing Fox Interactive Media

In March 2005, the talented executive became the president of Fox Interactive Media, and subsequently, the company developed cutting-edge websites that feature excellent content, many advertisements and countless videos. The business also managed marketing campaigns that consistently increased the company’s revenue. The enterprise designed unique advertisements that improved conversion rates, enhanced the reputation of the business and reduced the costs of marketing campaigns.

Promoting Fuse Capital and Providing Valuable Investments

During November 2007, the entrepreneur created Fuse Capital, and the company can offer large investments, manage corporate debt, provide unique solutions and stimulate the growth of many businesses. According to multiple reports, Fuse Capital has helped more than 1,000 companies that are based in the United States. Additionally, Fuse Capital could provide sizable loans that can benefit international companies, independent entrepreneurs and large enterprises.

Evaluating Multiple Businesses

Currently, Ross Levinsohn is the CEO of Sports Illustrated, and during the last two years, the company has managed numerous marketing campaigns, created a cutting-edge website and modified the corporate structure of the business. The corporation has also hired experienced journalists who can substantially improve the company’s magazine. The journalists could frequently evaluate relevant news, contact well-known athletes and create unique documentaries.

In August 2020, Maven Inc. announced that Ross Levinsohn is the new CEO of the company. Subsequently, the business received investments that have a total value of more than $24 million, and according to numerous reports, the company has acquired multiple subsidiaries that can consistently generate extra revenue, attract new investors and stimulate the growth of the business.