Luke Lazarus and Business Consulting

The name Luke Lazarus has always been associated with start-up business consulting, but that barely scratches the surface of what he has accomplished.

Lazarus is one of those people with raw natural talent when it comes to business.

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Luke Lazarus recognized the potential to share his talent with the world, and in the process, help other young entrepreneurs and struggling businesses.

The idea of giving back, and not making a profit, is how Luke Lazarus Consulting was born.

He has a very impressive business background, starting and owning his first business from when he was just a few months over the age of eight, and after running it successfully through high school, he decided to attend Melbourne Business School, graduating with a Master’s of Business Education.

By the age of twenty-five, he had four successful companies, which he later sold, an impressive fete for such a young age.

Lazarus’ unique approach to helping start-up business owners is what drives his success in the field of consulting.

He aims to help the entrepreneurs understand the importance of outsourcing, and how freeing up more time will help them focus their efforts to where they are most needed.

Another important note he emphasizes is allowing angel investors into the business.

Lazarus also plays a major role in turning around businesses that are dead in the water by offering insight on what strategies they can adopt to improve the situation.

This coupled with the identification of the stumbling blocks to growth, and provision of strategies is always a guarantee to better output from the struggling businesses.

Lazarus has also identified several projections on how technology might be instrumental in businesses in the future, and Instagram, mobile payments, and voice recognition were at the top of his list of things to watch out for.

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