Lime Crime A Hit Among Instagrammers

Lime Crime makeup company is a bit of a cult favorite among makeup users, similarly to how certain movies have a “cult following” of very devoted fans. This is because it’s a bit of a “niche” brand of makeup. The niche Lime Crime makeup occupies is that of extremely colorful makeup products. The most popular item that Lime Crime sells -for example- are their lip colors. If you take a jumbo box of crayons and look at all the colors within the box, likely Lime Crime has that same shade as one of their lip colors. Additionally they sell eye liners and eyeshadow.

Lime Crime has a strong cult following in their store, but on Instagram as well. Recently the cult favorite makeup brand reached over two million followers on their Instagram page: “@limecrimemakeup“. The company’s success on Instagram is actually fairly easy to understand, as many makeup companies who take the time to understand their fan base usually have a fairly good chance at amassing many followers on Instagram. Instagram is a photo sharing mecca. Sometimes the photo grams on Instagram are artsy, funny, glamorous or just weird. The main idea behind Instagram though is to share life experiences or hobbies. Most of the fans of Lime Crime and other makeup brands share their makeup looks on their Instagram. Lime Crime quickly identified this and encouraged their fans to share their Lime Crime beauty or artsy makeup looks with a specific hashtag. By using the hashtag “#limecrime” fans of Lime Crime can share their best beauty looks using the makeup company’s colorfully fun products.

Lime Crime happily shares these photos on their Instagram, and even on the company Facebook. They do what they can to form a sort of community on Instagram for their fans.  Lime Crime connected their Instagram and Twitter photos to their website so customers can see images of real people wearing the Lime Crime makeup products. This helps improve sales on their website since people can truly see what the product looks like on real people using it and it gives fans of Lime Crime makeup a sense that they are appreciated truly by the Lime Crime company.

If you want to be inspired or share your Lime Crime beauty looks, check the company out on Instagram today to share your most Lime Crime colorful selfies.

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