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Laura McQuade Vital Changes

Much-needed changes are happening at Planned Parenthood, these are the type of changes that the company has been needing to make for several years now. The changes that we are speaking about deal with the New York offices of Planned Parenthood. As of now, they are not serving as many people as they could, but all of that will change with the changes that are happening. Laura McQuade is making these changes on behalf of the company. These changes that she is making will bring the company into the modern era, and will fix all of the cracks that the company now has.

One of the first things that she is doing with these changes is to expand the coverage area of Planned Parenthood. This means that they will be opening 28 additional offices. It also means that they will be hiring 900 workers. All of this will allow them to reach 200,000 customers every single year. It means that many of the people who are in need of primary health care and specialty healthcare will be able to get it at these locations throughout New York.

Many people do not get that Planned Parenthood does more than just abortions, they handle primary care, specialist care, screenings, mammograms and a myriad of services that people in need are in dire need of. These changes will allow them to get these people the the help that they otherwise would not be able to have any access to. This is why the changes that Laura McQuade is making are so vital to the local area.

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