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Laura McQuade Remains Resilient For the Planned Parenthood Services

Laura McQuade has been a strong character in the fight for Planned Parenthood. She has gone against all odds to see the practice thrive in New York City and the entire nation. It is through this resilience that she grew to the helm of the movement.

Laura McQuade is at the helm of the firm as it plans to expand its operations. The organization has remained resilient in fighting for comprehensive health care for all. This 51-year-old woman is leading the organization at a time when facing opposition from different state agencies. The local governments in various states have abolished abortion and any support towards the practice.

Though the government has banned the price, Laura McQuade and her team have collaborated with other health service providers to merge and have a strong voice. According to the affiliation of five institutions, they will have a better chance to air their concerns to the local governments regarding Planned Parenthood. If the plan goes through, they will have a tremendous New York City, and the practice will cross borders to the neighboring regions.

In the plan, they expect to serve over 200,000 patients yearly, with more than 900 workers in their 28 health centers. Laura McQuade is sure that the merger will better negotiate power in dealing with commercial payers. It will also increase their chances of collaborating with large health systems. It is also a door to creating awareness for other sexual and reproductive health care up to the national level.

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