Sex Coach

Kim Anami

Kim Anami, a Los Angeles-based sex educator, blogger, and world traveler, has been featured in Playboy TV’s Sexcetera and E!’s True Hollywood Stories. Her mission is to help make the world safer by promoting sexual health education through hands-on workshops, lectures, articles, and sex therapy.

Kim Anami is also an award-winning self-pleasure advocate who champions “self-love” as a healthy alternative to the obsession with youth culture. Having built her multi-million dollar business traveling the world while broadcasting live on the internet 24/7, Kim connects sexual pleasure with spirituality. As she says: “Self-love can be religious if you want it to be. Or it can be scientific. It can be holistic, or it can be verboten. I think it’s a free speech issue, and you don’t have to tailor yourself to anyone’s rules but your own.”

Anami hosts multiple webcam shows daily throughout the week, which has accumulated over 250 million views in just four years. Her weekly live webcast is seen by thousands of people worldwide, who tune in for her expert advice and advice about sex toys – the bestselling product she invented called Vibease (now part of Doc Johnson). The clips are also shown on websites such as LiveJasmin and

Anami’s fun and interactive classes are often seen in LA, including Sex for Atheists at the Ex-Gay Conference and most recently, the Sexuality and Spirituality Conference of the International Institute for Integrative Studies.

Anami is a prolific writer and activist who writes about sexuality and sexual health for various publications, including Psychology Today, AlterNet, HuffPost, Elephant Journal, and her blog at She has also been featured in The Huffington Post, XoJane, and Jezebel.

Anami has been featured on television in the UK with Russell Brand on his talk show Brand X and on HBO’s Real Sex series. at the NAAFA Conference and on numerous college campuses around the country.

In her free time Anami loves brainstorming new ideas for products which is how she came up with the Vibease vibrator, which has sold over five million units and continues to be a bestseller worldwide. She also invented the Vibease wearable vibrator and the Kimmunicator, a cellphone with a vibration function.

A real daredevil, Anami loves extreme sports. She has skydived, bungee jumped and rappelled across 300 feet above the ocean – all in preparation for her next venture: tight rope walking between two hot air balloons in Italy.