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Joseph Ashford Uses an Investment Minded Approach to Business

Each entrepreneur has their own philosophy and values that guide their business decisions. Joseph Ashford, a London area Entrepreneur, believes that the thing that every entrepreneur should value above all else is time. He has used this philosophy to guide his many business ventures throughout the world.


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One lesson that Ashford tries to pass on to aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals is that; success does not usually come quickly. He advocates for an investment-like mindset for all professional endeavors. He believes that just as you must allow a monetary investment to mature, you must also give your effort investment time to mature. Investments rarely pay dividends in the short term but, if you give your investment time, it can pay big rewards.

Joseph Ashford uses this mindset to guide his current company, the London area K4 Media, to success. K4 Media has built a name in the industry for creating unique marketing solutions that help raise product awareness and sales. Joseph Ashford helps K4’s clients to use an investment-like mindset in their business. He helps them to understand how to capitalize on the time and energy that they have already invested. This makes the investments more efficient and profitable.

According to Joseph Ashford, thinking of time as currency can help professionals to maximize their return on investment. He tries to instill this principle in his team and his clients. He believes that creating products that have value is the best way to use time and secure the future of your professional life.

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