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James Gutierrez explains the finance situation in America

Most financial service organizations focusing on the American region have failed to explain the real situation facing American citizens when finance services are concerned. People around the world think that living and working in America gives you the best opportunities to start businesses and thrive. Many individuals, especially those living away from the nation, do not know that a big group in the country lives in a vulnerable financial situation. Access to financial industry services is not given to every person living in the United States. Many personalities based in the major cities and prestigious neighborhoods have the access to amazing opportunities to grow their business and finances. Those in poverty-stricken neighborhoods never get to celebrate their financial growth because they are denied the opportunities by the systems in place. James Gutierrez’s story in creating various financial services businesses over the years tells about a society where the poor have to pay more to survive while the rich save more because they have the right and favorable opportunities.

James Gutierrez explains the mess taking place in the finance system by explaining how the wealthy never have to lack their sleep because of loans. James Gutierrez, in his professional life in finance, has been keen in empowering the lower groups because of various reasons. These communities have to pay very high interest whenever they are lucky to acquire a small loan. Instead of assisting the business owners in the poor groups to grow, the system makes them continue to live in their poverty because they can never repay the loans with the high interests. Everyone in a position to offer help to the vulnerable groups should start to take action as soon as possible. Banks, whether public or private, should be willing, according to fintech leader James Gutierrez, sacrifice some of their funds to assist the poor people.

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