PosiGen, Solar Power Energy

How PosiGen Is Changing Lives through Solar Power

PosiGen Company is working hard to ensure they make a difference in the community and change the world. They do this by ensuring they provide high-quality solar power at an affordable rate. Their primary aim is to reach out to all Low-to-Moderate-Income families worldwide and provide them with cheap power from solar. For PosiGen, making solar power accessible and cheap through a leasing program ensures that most families from poor homes will make huge savings. When they make savings on the utility bills, they will build themselves and their homes and afford several other things like food and education for their families, creating a brighter future for themselves.


The company also ensures they provide job opportunities to the communities they offer their services. One of their strengths is diversification. At PosiGen, they prefer working directly with people from these communities as a way of giving back. 65% of the company’s workforce is African-American women. Most of these women are from low to moderate-income earning communities. PosiGen works hard in environmental conservation, so they choose solar as their power source. Solar powers do not have any hazardous waste products like all other power sources. 


Solar power is energy efficient and environmentally friendly when applying PosiGen devices. It guarantees the client’s homes are safe and clean, and the families using solar power will enjoy the power and lead healthy lives besides saving money. Over 14,000 happy clients have installed the PosiGen solar power devices. PosiGen does not charge any fee for installation, maintenance, or even monitoring how the system works. They have highly trained employees who ensure the system is installed in homes and promptly return if needed later for servicing. There are two ways one can gain the PosiGen services, which include leasing or buying.




More than 10,000 homeowners in the US have selected the PosiGen Lease package. The package allows them to enjoy easy monthly payments, energy-efficient upgrades, installation, maintenance, and a no minimum credit.




Customers who choose to buy will get flexible financing options and substantial cash discounts. The buyers will benefit from installation services, up to 12 years of monitoring of the entire system, and an increased value of their home.