Business Expert, Desiree Perez

How Desiree Perez changed Roc Nation

Desiree Perez is among the few women who can comfortably say that they have enjoyed their careers from the first day they stepped into the corporate community. Perez was among the early people to make Roc Nation popular in the tough entertainment department. Before this entertainment facility was created, however, Desiree Perez was still making heads turn in various institutions. For fifteen years in her career life, Perez had been moving from one club to the other managing and helping with the operations. The nightclubs gave the businessman some good profits all the time. One of the clubs benefited significantly from Perez because it moved from being bankrupt to one of the best entertainment joints in the community. Through all of these organizations, Desiree Perez discovered how she can micromanage every area of business and make an excellent outcome in the live entertainment facilities. Succeeding in the place of work made Desiree a happy and very focused professional. In tourism, Desiree believes that a lot of to be learned by the stakeholders. The industry is very similar to nightclubs in all of its aspects and more

After a great career micromanaging operations in big nightclubs in the city, Desiree Perez still had to acquire some basic skills when engaging in other entertainment sectors. Her new role at Roc Nation was not easy at first. Being a chief operating officer for a new organization had its ups and downs. Perez wasn’t scared of the challenge that lay in front of her. Instead, she put in a lot of effort to cultivate her career and make the best out of the opportunity she had just landed. Her hard work at Roc Nation during the first months paid off in a short time. The focus lady expanded the organization in various sections. The facility grew its revenue in a better way because of the excellent services brought by Perez.