How ClassDojo Is Helping Students Grow

In a world where technology is ruling our world, it only makes sense to use it to our advantage and use every aspect of it to help children out with their school work. Parents find it tough to stay connected up to date with their children’s lives at school, and even teachers find it stressful to help educate the parents on how their kids are doing in class. This is why ClassDojo is becoming such a huge benefit to schools in this day and age. Today, countless schools across the globe are using ClassDojo to help them with how they structure classes and bring parents into the picture.

ClassDojo is an app that parents and teachers use to help bring everyone together into the same picture. The app’s consensus is to have a place where they take photos and videos of the students and post it to the app for the right parents to witness and see how their child is doing. It’s an efficient way to help bring the parents in on what their child is succeeding at in school. No need to wait for the parent-teacher conference once or twice in the year to see how they are doing. It’s such an efficient approach that works and helps students stay on top of things in the classroom.

ClassDojo is also great at rewarding students efficiently. With their system in place on the app, students get to learn about ways they can do better and come together as a class. ClassDojo is here to make sure that students are putting in the work. This app is being used across the globe because they know parents are looking at how their kids are doing in school and it’s pushing students to be better daily.

It is empowering students to come together in their own little way. It’s inspiring to see what teachers are doing to reward students in a different way that gets them moving. There are all kinds of teachers who love the way it has allowed for them to be more organized in class. It’s such a breath of fresh air.

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