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How ClassDojo improved and became a popular educational platform

Teachers have praised how interactive ClassDojo is and especially how it brings everything together in the classroom and out. The way the platform works is teachers deduct or add points to students’ avatars based on their negative/positive behaviors and actions. The application also fills parents in on what is going on in the classroom through the use of photos and videos. CEO Sam Chaudhary reflects they improved the application along the way by listening to feedback from teachers. According to the Forbes feature, 20,000 teachers frequently provide advice to them. ClassDojo has expanded globally since its inception, being available in 35 different languages and in 180 countries. The application is recognized for being free. Although free, the founders made a plan to make money from a subscription plan dedicated to parents who want to help kids learn more outside of school hours. Both of the founders of the platform came together to create the educational app after spending a weekend together in England. Both have reputable experience as educators and for their knowledge about technology. They are also recognized as Forbes 30 Under 30 graduates. Both founders met with hundreds of teachers to get a feeling of what they needed to add to the platform. The very first version of ClassDojo performed well after the founders spent a month receiving feedback. The app was able to come to fruition through massive funding from investors in the form of $31 million in total. Like Facebook, ClassDojo uses features like a feed to post content and stories to show what is going on throughout the days. The main purpose is to help everyone stay connected, from parents, to teachers, to students. The company plans to improve and innovate in the future.

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