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Houston philanthropist Franci Neely

Franci Neely loves ethnic headpieces.

She praises Steve Susman for giving her the finest job advice.

He influences her.

He counseled against procrastinating.

Neely’s generosity benefits everybody.

We read that he encouraged releasing excellent work before it was perfect.

So says Franci Neely.

She is on the boards of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Moody Center for the Arts, and Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy.

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Franci Neely doesn’t procrastinate.

Franci Neely has visited 195 countries.

COVID-19 temporarily interrupted her plans to visit every nation in the next two years, but she’s back on track. She’s visited 180 countries.

She visited Africa.” “What’s your best vacation?”

Franci Neely says, “The last.”

Franci Neely must maintain her vacation plans.

She never travels without her camera.

She learned French and Italian to live and work in Italy.

Franci Neely encourages youth travel.

UT Austin law school graduate says international experiences are crucial.

Risk being honest.

Diversity and global education are vital.

On her travels, she looks for regional delicacies and boutique outfits. She brings home local products and immerses herself in the culture.

Franci Neely’s ties from the Philippines to Cameroon have proven important.

She met intriguing individuals on her travels and still connects with several.

2008 named her one of Houston’s 50 most prominent women.

Franci Neely loves her godchildren and pals.

Her five grandkids and eight godchildren come first.

She’s lucky to have so many pals.

We’re related.

I’m blessed to call them pals.

Texans take nothing for granted to prevent procrastinating.

She writes pen pals and travels in her leisure time.

My tombstone would say, “She contributed to the greater good.”

Susman said she emphasizes not wasting time.

Neely values time.

Neely said today’s youngsters assume they have plenty of spare time.

“No. Since you can’t forecast your time, set objectives.

Franci Neely knows her weaknesses, yet she persists in helping others.

Franci Neely thinks the affluent should give back to the community.

Although money can’t purchase happiness, it may benefit people in need.

Franci Neely has never been one to turn a blind eye to people in need.

She has links to the Houston publishing business Imprint, which recently reached its 40th anniversary.

The group offers neighborhood events for individuals of all ages, including excursions to local jails, and promotes literacy through writing and reading.

Franci Neely, a former president of Imprint.

It’s a better life for me now.

On an annual basis, Imprint has approximately 15,000 customers, according to Neely.

After 40 years of showcasing and honoring diverse works, Imprint has achieved worldwide fame as a literary lighthouse.

This Houston donor has a special place for the performing arts.

She has always had a passion for the arts, from her early days of playing with paper dolls and creating and performing her own plays for the kids in the neighborhood to her current day.

To widen the city’s creative horizons, she helped form the Houston Cinema Cultural Society.

She is a co-chair of the MFAH’s Islamic Art Committee.

She was the gala’s chair for the Baker Institute’s 25th-anniversary celebration, at which President Obama made a speech.