Here’s why EOS lip balm makes a perfect tint for your lips

Products from the EOS have always been ahead of its competitors. The whole product in full means Evolution of Smooth. Since they were introduced, the product has managed to hit several beauty and fashion magazines. The founders of the products have finally spoken of their business strategy. They talk about how they have managed to outdo other prominent lip balms in the market such as Chapstick. In an interview with Fast Company at, brand leaders talk of how they created a 250 million dollars-worth company that is the best-selling lip balm.

Research shows that EOS was able to rise above the oral care category of products. The products are often seen on the shelves of Walmart, Target and Well. Online merchants Amazon, eBay and Ulta have EOS on their sites too. The company today sells more than 1 million of products every week. With the increased growth experienced by the company, it expects to sell products worth $2 billion by the year 2020. The demand for natural and organic products have been on the rise. With this being EOS’s specialty, the product certainly expects to receive a bigger market and happy customers.

The EOS lip balm product makes a perfect dash on the tint of your lips. The lip balm provides a lip salve with a waxy substance applied to your dry and chapped lipped. The product offers protection and a massive color. It provides a sweet and sticky sensation and makes your lip glow. Such products were first introduced in the 1880s.

According to several new magazines, EOS has managed to resurrect the previous love for lip balm previously experienced in the 90s. The product itself has received a massive social media following. It has millions of likes and followers on their several accounts such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. A photo of the pink lip balm and tagging the product should see you get over 44,000 likes. You will frequently find enthusiasts of the product talking of their favorite flavors through their Instagram comments.

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