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Heath Ritenour Speaks about his Journey with Cancer

Heath Ritenour, current chief executive officer of IOA fought a dangerous disease for several months. After returning to the company, the leader held an event so that he could speak to his team about his experience. When preparing for the event, Heath made sure that he had the best theme. The young leader, however, did not know how this speech was going to impact his feelings. Just a week before the major event, Heath had received some good news from his doctors, stating that he was free from the dreaded cancer. When the leader got the diagnosis in the past, he did not know how he was going to handle his future. The dangerous disease changed the professional in a good way. Heath realized that freedom was something he had never known in the past. Heath Ritenour still remembers the first day of his chemotherapy. The doctors in charge of treating him decided that a nine week treatment program was ideal for the treatment. The process was very tough. Every day during these tough nine weeks, the professional would need several hours to undergo chemotherapy.

Heath Ritenour wanted to keep a normal life when in the process of doing his chemo. Together with his family, Heath decided to remain at home and visit an outpatient facility where he could get the treatment. In his first visit, Heath was scared. The thirty nine year old chief executive officer did not know how this journey was going to change his life. No one had prepared him enough for the process, and this made him overwhelmed. One patient at the outpatient clinic was instrumental in helping Heath Ritenour deal with his treatment. The two cancer patients spoke about their experiences with the disease, and Judy assured Heath that he was going to be just fine. Judy was dealing with colon cancer that was diagnosed six years ago. The doctors had, however, not given her any hope because the disease was already in the final stages.