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HealthKeeperz Brings Healthcare To You

HealthKeeperz, in Pembroke, North Carolina, offers home health services throughout North Carolina. Their goal is to provide the best community-based healthcare by providing patients with all the needs to live comfortable and healthy life. HealthKeeperz is a Christian-based organization.

One of the many services of HealthKeeperz is the ability to provide medical equipment directly to the patient. Thanks to this service, patients can continue to enjoy their lifestyle with no interruptions. Also, the right equipment can make a big difference for patients and their caregivers.

HealthKeeperz has an entire team whose goal is to help patients to be as healthy and active as possible. They have skilled nurses, physical, speech, and occupational therapists, health aids, and medical social workers who are dedicated to providing the best services for their patients. The team works together to develop a plan based on their patients. HealthKeeperz’s goal is to help their patients live active and healthy lives.

Personal hospice care and service are also provided by HealthKeeperz. Not only do their services include the best medical care, but spiritual and emotional support for their patients and families. When medical treatments are no longer being offered, HealthKeeperz focuses on providing the patient with comfort care. HealthKeeperz focuses on the quality of days the patients have left, not the number of days.

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