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Haroldo Jacobovicz, Business Guru Explaining How Innovation Helps Businesses Grow

Innovation will help employees develop their creativity and use all their potentials to bring valuable ideas to the company. Haroldo Jacobovicz and his partner, Ricardo Montanher, the Director of Commerce, believe that innovation can drive companies to grow. However, many business leaders believe that their company’s level of innovation is low.

Research shows that this is not enough. Only company leaders, especially in Brazil, make innovative decisions. The study shows that there are many reasons for not engaging in innovation in the workplace. These include a lack of bonuses and incentives, a lack of educational opportunities for company employees, and a tired employee relationship.

Employees at Horizons Telecom say many reasons can deter progress. These include unpreparedness, underdevelopment, and over-reliance on technology. They believe in growing; it is essential to devote a portion of its budget to innovative thinking.

According to Horizons Telecom leaders led by Haroldo Jacobovicz, companies can educate their employees about innovation by coming up with solutions or ideas that their employees need to develop. Once employees have implemented these measures, they will feel that a certain amount of success has encouraged them to achieve more in the future.

It is also crucial that employees feel they have time to update themselves. Make sure the manual clearly states the rules for innovation and free-thinking in the workplace. According to the survey, Brazil, where Haroldo Jacobovicz works for his company, is not one of the countries with the best innovation jobs.

The CEO believes there is the essence of doing more research to be more innovative in all areas. His company, Horizons Telecom, has done a great job of bringing creative thinking to the workplace under excellent management. This enabled the telecommunications firm to grow into one of the leading Brazilian companies today.

Haroldo Jacobovicz believes that the transition to digital requires companies to implement a balanced plan in a matter of days or weeks. For many companies around the world, this is achievable. Go here for more information