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Greg Blatt inherent passion in the profound leadership skills

One step is not enough to be successful; Greg Blatt has been on a journey finding what truly suits him. After graduating from the university, without much to do, he embarked on the adventure of traveling to places like Reims, France, Sanfrancisco, exploiting the potential possibilities to be stable as well. He was intrigued into attending law school, which he pushed and focused on until he was admitted at Columbia University, diving deeper for Corporate law, which saw him excel earning his degree from the same university. With his passion intact, he indulged into early practice by accepting a position as an Associate at the law firm of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen&Katz in Newyork.

With his inner intact in building a more reputable career, he accepted a position at IAC as their an opportunity that saw him close big major deals, transforming the company massively in a high growth increase of 20% per quarter. With his competency and the much recognization that he received, Greg Blatt was thrown into a new challenge. Online dating was already revving itself as a potential venture in the market. Something that saw him bring more insight into the business. From 2015 to 2016, as the executive chairman of the online dating, Tinder he developed new projects like Super like feature. He also served a prominent senior position at Match group, IAC branch still.

Greg Blatt has put some valuable traits to move seamlessly to remain in a transformative and thriving business. Despite the daily challenges, as a leader, one must be flexible, especially into the approaches required to each individual, being curious as a leader and empowering, especially the team behind the scenes working towards the company’s growth. Confidence has seen him Rise to different roles, and that is why he recommends all leaders to have the ability to trust themselves and receive wise counsel from others.

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