Get Fit With Beachbody

BeachBodyCarl Daikeler’s career has taken a few twists and turns, but his life’s passion involves helping other people build confidence through physical fitness. His first job was in production of halftime events for the National Football League’s televised games in the 1980s. That position taught him how to coordinate many tasks and capture attention. He also worked for a while in the infomercial industry. The nearly ten years he spent there helped him learn how to tell a story and connect with viewers.

During the decade Carl Daikeler worked in the infomercial industry, he noticed a growing demand for at-home fitness and health products. Daikeler noticed that a growing proportion of Americans were classified as overweight or obese, and national health statistics confirmed his observations. Knowing that he could make a big difference for those people, he and a co-founder developed the Beachbody series of at-home DVD workout videos.

When it launched in 1998, Beachbody included about 12 different workouts. By 2010, there were hundreds. Daikeler believes in his program so much that he stars in many of the videos. He practices what he preaches because he knows that it works. In 2009, Carl Daikeler co-founded the Shakeology program. Shakeology is the nutritional side of the exercise and fitness program. Daikeler is like many people in that he doesn’t love vegetables, but he knows they’re important.

Carl Daikeler

Shakeology is a protein powder. Users mix it into the milk of their choice. The resulting thick shake contains nearly a whole day’s recommended allowance of fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. One serving of Shakeology also includes 16 or more grams of protein. The satisfying flavors, such as salted caramel, also curb cravings for sweets. After drinking the shake, a person feels full. The shakes are convenient and easy to prepare.

Carl Daikeler added an on-demand service for Beachbody in 2015. A subscriber gains access to the hundreds of workouts in the library, and they don’t have to own the physical DVDs or a DVD player. The program offers convenience, and a person can access all of the workouts from any Wi-Fi connection.