From Michigan to the Department of Education: The Stunning Rise of Betsy DeVos.

For those who follow education reform, you may have read the exit interview between Richard Hess of and former U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. In January 2021, DeVos resigned after President Joe Biden took office. During the interview, she discussed the difficulties of being an insider and dealing with the slow bureaucracy when trying to implement new policies.


Over the course of her four years in office, Secretary DeVos campaigned frequently with education choice. While there were many in opposition to her work, she always stated that her work benefited students who wanted to choose where they go to school instead of their zip code determining where they went to school. Parents have also supported DeVos for her student choice reforms.


While there were only 17 states originally included in the educational choice programs, she was able to bring that number up to all states. Students can choose where to go to school in any state.


In addition to her work with state legislators, she also toured with former FLOTUS Melania Trump and rapper Pitbull on different touring projects. She wanted to spread the awareness of education reform, while also supporting educational choice.


DeVos has always leaned on philanthropy to support these programs. She has donated over $35 million to educational programs, counties, schools, and much more. In addition, she has worked with policymakers on creating safer campuses with the new campus guardian programs.


In addition, she worked with state legislators and education lawmakers to pass legislation to keep schools virtually open throughout the pandemic. She also promoted legislation on hybrid learning and distance learning programs so that students could stay safe during the performance.


DeVos has said that she hopes her policies stay in place after her resignation, but it’s clear that Biden may have a different plan for education. She says that she will continue to fight for education reform.


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