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 Eterneva Introduces Winds of Change in the Death-Care Industry

Eterneva is a cremation diamond company that was launched in 2016 by Ozar and Archer. The company was mainly formed to bring a transformational change in the mourning cultures in different parts of the world. The company has announced its expansion program this year through funding and partnering with funeral homes to introduce new means of mourning.

The company thrives on introducing modern technology to offer the bereaved a beautiful send-off. During an interview, the company’s founder said that it facilitates a grief journey apart from offering a product and service. The clients are given a welcome kit vial mail and place about a half cup of ashes or a piece of hair from the cremation.

Recently, the company signed a partnership program with RedEx to facilitate best practices when transporting the remains. The remains are taken to the head offices of Eterneva located in Austin in the United States of America. Carbon is then extracted from the remains to form a diamond seed.

The diamond seed is then taken to the laboratory, where it undergoes the purification process similar to other synthetic diamonds available in the market. The purification process involves colorizing the diamond and gives it the shape of a ring. It might also be given any shape, such as a necklace or a piece of jewelry.

The process of producing the final product takes about nine months. During this time, the team members of the Eterneva offer updates in form of photos and videos about the process. When the production process is done, the company does a homecoming celebration of the loved one who died.

According to researchers, about 80% of the people prefer this mourning mode since it keeps your loved one closer to you even after death. The company has about thirty staff members and seven hundred customers from different parts of the world. Connect: