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Eric Lefkofsky and a Tempus Breakthrough

Eric Lefkofsky created Tempus, a technological innovation that utilizes artificial intelligence in the detection of diseases, to primarily help with cancer detection and research. There has since been a new device to aid oncologists in the field which is mobile and offers real-time data on any patient’s information at any time. This new technology is called Tempus ONE, and it uses the same molecular tests that showcase a patient’s genetic make to determine a cause for cancer. Doctors will be able to read this data and to assess the patient’s clinical information in their EHR all in this portable device.

Eric Lefkofsky made a promise when he created Tempus to implement artificial intelligence wherever he could within the greater healthcare industry, which he believes Tempus ONE is the biggest fulfillment to date. The 30 petabytes that were found in the original software have all been put into one small, handheld device. Doctors receive intelligent information from the Tempus platform based on the new information that is entered into each patient’s medical records to aid in needed care. Doctors can interact with the software as if it was another team member as it is made to help in diagnosis and in treatment ideations. It is important to note, that currently, the Tempus ONE software is only available at select medical offices and hospitals according to Eric Lefkofsky. This is due t the fact that the software is in beta form and is still undergoing testing to ensure it works as promised.