Dream Big, And Dream Often

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, a cosmetic company that features bright colors instead of the traditional light pinks and reds. Doe wants women to know that they are worth something and that they shouldn’t be afraid to express how they feel or look. All of the products that are sold by the company are cruelty-free and safe for almost every skin type.

Doe was born in Russia. She moved to New York at 17 before leaving for Los Angeles. As a child, she wasn’t always a big dreamer. She moved to New York because she wanted to be a musician. Instead, she used her creative eye to develop Lime Crime. The company started with Doe Deere selling items on eBay as well as selling temporary tattoos.

with her husband as her business partner, they work well with each other. She has basic advice to give to young girls who are ambitious and want to follow their dreams. Doe believes that girls should follow the heart. Each person has that one special thing that sets that person apart. It could be creativity, or it could be music. It’s important to find that special talent and develop it into something that makes the person happy while in a career or life.

Later in life, Doe realized that she was a part of a universe full of people who appreciate her and the work that she does. She also realized that others felt the same way, which is how Lime Crime was started. When Doe Deere wanted to find the bright colors in makeup, they weren’t really around. She knew that other girls wanted the same bright and bold looks. The makeup that is developed from Lime Crime allows girls and women to express who they are without needing to hide behind a fake mask. Not only does Doe wear bright and bold colors in makeup, but she brings those shades to her clothing and hair as well.

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