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Dr. Tom S Chang MD Explains the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Tom S Chang MD is an ophthalmologist known for being the founder of Acuity Group. He is not just a founder of one of the best eye hospitals but also is known to be among the best and most reliable doctors in the United States. Two groups being; the Best Doctors and Who’s Who, have identified him as a remarkable physician. What sets Dr. Tom S Chang MD and Acuity Group apart from the rest is embracing technology like artificial intelligence, also known as AI. The group continues to experience various benefits that arise from the use of AI.


Here are some of the benefits of AI technology as explained by Dr. Tom Chang MD:


Fast digestion of data

AI intelligence has proven to be the most reliable when it comes to digesting patient data. Physicians and other health professionals like Tom S Chang MD have increased accessibility to all the information they require to treat patients. AI offers access to study journals and research materials, documents that physicians can use to administer treatment.


Fast diagnosis

Acuity group patients can receive diagnosis results in between 15 to 20 minutes. AI, therefore, has proven to be a lifesaving solution; fast diagnosis leads to fast treatment. As Tom S Chang MD has explained, a patient’s condition that would have otherwise gotten worse can be salvaged early enough. Also, one of the notable benefits of AI is the accuracy of its diagnosis, which can lead to realizing other diseases that were unrecognized before. Dr. Tom Chang MD also notes that AI has led to an increased number of people investing in eye health by scheduling frequent examinations.