Doe Deere is the World’s Most Exciting Makeup Lover

Doe Deere is a prominent fashionista who also is a major force in cosmetics. That’s because she’s the mastermind behind Lime Crime, a well-known makeup brand. Lime Crime’s head office is located in beautiful Los Angeles, California. Although Lime Crime operates out of Los Angeles, Deere isn’t a native of the sunny metropolis. She was born in her home nation of Russia in June of 1981. She was reared, however, in New York City in the United States.

Lime Crime isn’t just any makeup brand. It’s a makeup brand that celebrates the beauty and intensity of colors. People who are fans of colors that are brilliant, dramatic and striking often appreciate Lime Crime’s offerings. Deere has always had a penchant for brightness. She used to create and sell fashionable brightly-colored attire on the Internet. Deere did this prior to founding Lime Crime. Lime Crime’s roots go back to 2008. When Lime Crime first came on the scene, its products were completely cruelty-free. Things haven’t changed in that department to this day. The brand still maintains its cruelty-free makeup approach. One thing has changed about the brand, however. Although Lime Crime didn’t have a fully vegan product selection back in 2008, it does currently.

People who love beauty often gravitate to Doe Deere. She’s considered to be a significant fashion and beauty icon. She has many fans on popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram as well. Many beauty lovers keep close tabs on Deere’s Instagram account. They can’t get enough of her sassy, fascinating and unforgettable looks. People adore her purplish hair (it’s often blue or white, too), her wacky makeup styles and her amazingly feminine and girlish outfits. Doe Deere has many big fans located all over the United States and planet.

Makeup fans often squeal in delight when they explore Lime Crime’s available products. Those who love chic eye and lip makeup looks often are drawn to Lime Crime. People who want to walk around with yellow, blue or green pouts, for example, can explore many options in cool and refreshing Lime Crime lipstick colors. People who want to walk around with eyes that are lined in light blue or electric green can explore many desirable Lime Crime product choices as well. Lime Crime is a makeup brand that’s ideal for people who are daring, courageous and inventive. That’s because Doe Deere embodies all of those characteristics. Deere has all of the traits that are seen in people who succeed. To know more about Doe Deere and Lime Crime, visit

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  1. People who are looking to buy cruelty-free vegan cosmetic products that also happen to be bright and innovative are often devoted followers of this brand. She’s a makeup guru who wants to change the planet for the better. The truth of the matter is that would have done better if allowed but I think something went wrong in the process.

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