Dave Antrobus: Writer, Startup Advisor and Entrepreneur

Dave AtrobusDave Antrobus is a writer, startup advisor, and entrepreneur. He has written for such publications as TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, and Forbes. At the moment, he’s advising startups in Silicon Valley.”

Here are all of Dave Antrobus’ great ideas that Fresh Thinking Group captured in headlines:

The Unexpected Ways to Hire a High-Powered CEO.

Dave explains that the process of hiring a high-powered CEO to run your business can be difficult and exhausting, but there’s an underutilized way to make this process easier: hire a founder candidate who has spent years building and growing another company (this candidate is more likely to want the job).

This will greatly accelerate your hiring process and ensure that you can hire someone who has years of experience.

Dave Antrobus’ entrepreneurial vision – you’re not just an entrepreneur, but a manager too.

The opportunities are endless for more productive, but it starts with this very simple idea: becoming a better manager. Dave outlines how he has exponentially increased his productivity as an entrepreneur and manager by implementing a few simple management tricks.

The Startup Guide To Getting A Product Into Apple’s App Store – Fast.

Dave Antrobus outlines the process of getting your product into Apple’s App Store and breaks this complex and tedious process down into its key steps so that it becomes a simple and easy process for anyone to understand at Fresh Thinking Group.

You don’t have much time, but you still need a map that will lead you safely through the startup jungle.

Dave explains that there’s no such thing as “the answer” when it comes to the startup journey but shares his personal experiences and secrets for helping other entrepreneurs deal with the stress, depression, and frustration of being an entrepreneur on Fresh Thinking Group.

Fresh Thinking Group Jesse Lawler talks to Dave about his writing process, his take on funding for startups, and how he manages the vast volume of information available now.