IAP Worldwide services business operations

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading company that specializes in infrastructure development, facilities management, and logistics services. IAP Worldwide Services is based in the United States and serves agencies such as the US military and government. The company provides assistances to other entities in various parts of the world. Through IAP Worldwide Services, entities have received services at iapws.com. Services include building construction, road construction, communication systems, energy facility and road development. IAP avails its emergency and relief services to different parts of the world.

IAP history

IAP was officially established in the year 2005. The company’s history dates back to a combination of other businesses that have been in operation since 1953. At the start, IAP was called Pan AM World Services. IAP Worldwide Services specialized in building launch complexes for space shuttles. The company’s first success was making the first air-breathing shuttles used for space explorations. By the year 1989, the company was bought and acquired by Johnson Brothers and was named Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. The company established itself as a leading military base and offered commercial facilities. These services assisted in the management and maintenance of other businesses. The company was later renamed to IAP Worldwide services. Since the change of names, IAP Worldwide Services has provided logistics and emergency disaster relief services to the United States Military.

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Job opportunities

IAP Worldwide Services offers several jobs for the growing population. Individuals from all over the world can take advantages of these employment opportunities. The first opportunity is that of a finance analyst. Here, an individual manages and oversee the company’s financial operations and strategy. The next job opportunity is that of an air traffic controller. The position allows one to monitor and check flights arriving and leaving the airport. The company’s employment opportunities is based on technical work. Positions such information technology and professional administrator are always available.

IAP’s acquires business units

IAP has been on a constant growth. The company recently announced the acquisition of two business units as a strategy for future development. One of the companies was DRS’s Logistics and Aviation business based in Oklahoma City. The other company is TCNS business located in Aberdeen Proving Ground. DRS’s logistics and aviation firm provides services such as aircraft management and repair, logistics support services and mission services. TCNS assists its clients with services related to engineering, communications and information technology. IAP’s primary goal is to integrate abilities and talents of the acquired business units.

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