The Revolution of Lime Crime & Doe Deere

Cosmetics are some of the most popular products on earth. This is a billion dollar industry on an annual basis. Some of the biggest names are in this specific line of work. This includes Almay, Covergirl, MAC and Maybelline. Have you ever heard of Lime Crime? Have you ever heard of Doe Deere? Lime Crime just so happens to be one of the top-selling cosmetics line in current time and Doe Deere is the founder of the company. If you take one look at this young woman then you can see how much the brand reflects her very own style. Doe Deere has turned her dream into a reality and with thousands of satisfied customers, her resume is inked with a seal of approval.


Deere is actually from Russia, but she moved to America at the age of 17. Her stomping ground was “The Big Apple.” While in New York City, Deere would join a musical band, and this band is where she met her soon-to-be husband. This band played in and around metropolitan New York, especially in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Doe learned about marketing and many more behind-the-scenes business tactics. Since she already had a strong passion for fashion, she went on to attend FIT. This supreme knowledge from FIT would manifest into her very own company years later. As of today, Doe Deere is running one of the leading cosmetic companies in the industry, and it has gained a huge cult-following. Lime Crime is its name and expression is its game. The products from this brand includes eye liner, foundation, lipsticks, lip gloss and other makeup-related products. Deere has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 13, she sold temporary tattoos to her childhood friends in Russia. This entrepreneurial spirit is now paying huge dividends.


Salem, utopia, black velvet, red velvet, saint, scandal and other unique names are the lipstick colors of her brand. These colors range from bright and vivid to deep and intense. Liquid matte is the name of the game and nobody does it better than Lime Crime. In conclusion, Lime Crime is setting the bar higher than before and Doe Deere is the captain of this successful ship. Learn more:


Focus on the Affluent Career of Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is a managerial talent recruiter who was amassed a decade-long experience in her work. Currently, she is working at Deutsche Bank, New York in the post of administrative recruitment lead. She is endowed with a number of important skills like talent management, talent acquisition, team leadership, corporate recruiting, executive search, employee hiring and training and behavioral interviewing. Julie is also great in conflict resolution, change management, executive staffing, human resource, technical recruiting, coaching and applicant management. All these diverse skills have enabled Julie Zuckerberg to work for a number of top organizations and achieve great milestones in the course of her illustrious career.



Work Experience



Julie’s career journey started back in 2002 immediately after completing her college education. She was the director of candidate placement at the Hudson Company, a position she held onto for five years. During her stint at Hudson, she was in charge of recruiting case managers, attorneys, support staff and paralegals on both permanent and temporary basis. She was also charged with the responsibility of conflict resolution and employee counseling. She acted as the link between clients and employees by resolving the issues that existed between them.



In 2007, Julie left Hudson Company for the Citi Group, where she worked for six years in two positions. Julie was Citi Global’s executive recruiter where she was in charge of recruiting the senior staff. Later, she earned a promotion to become the executive recruiter at Citi Consumer Bank. She was responsible for counseling managers on the creation of position specifications and job descriptions. She also managed the bank’s retained search agencies, fee negotiation and client vetting. In November 2013, Julie left Citi Global and within the month she assumed the position of Cooperate Vice president at New York Life Insurance. This time round, Julie did not stay for long at the company as she made her move after only four months. She was responsible for developing client relationships.



Deutsche Bank



Zuckerberg landed a job at the Deutsche Bank after her brief stint at the New York Life Insurance company. For a period of one year, Julie held the positions of VP, the executive recruiter and talent acquisition. She was tasked with hiring business partners and managers. Later on, Julie earned a promotion to the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead position for the GTO, private, wealth and commercial clients and asset management. Her responsibilities included collaborating with the bank’s business leaders. She also led negotiations in the managing director levels. She also provides leadership to the coordinators and recruiters in the bank.



About Julie Zuckerberg



Julie grew up in Manhattan, New York. Julie is an alumni of City University of New York – Brooklyn College where she was awarded a Philosophy degree. She then proceeded to the Law School in New York for her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree (JD). Julie has had a superb and abundant career history as an executive recruiter. She has acquired a number of great skills in recruitment that makes her one of the best in her line of work. When Julie is not at work, she volunteers her time to various causes like civil rights, animal welfare, social action, human rights, science and technology, economic empowerment and arts and culture. She is also interested in food, running and photography.