The Top 3 Movie Villains of All Time


Every great movie needs a great hero. And every hero needs a villain to counter him. The villain must provide the conflict and tension that is necessary in order to provide a compelling storyline. These are the most famous movie villains in film history:


3 – Hannibal Lecter


This cannibalistic serial killer still sends shivers up the spines of audiences today. Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of the sinister yet charming killer has become a pop culture icon. The fact that he was able to be the driving force of The Silence of the Lambs with only 17 minutes of screen time is a testament to his talent. His educated, cool, demeanor and ability to get inside Clarice’s head make him a nightmare that we fear we could encounter in real life.


2 – Freddy Krueger


As if dealing with killers in your waking hours wasn’t bad enough, having one invade your dreams is truly terrifying. While having knives for a hand is scary, it is this aspect of Freddy that makes him so intriguing. All of us have bad dreams from time to time, but knowing that he can kill you in your dreams and that there is no escape since we all must sleep is the stuff nightmares are truly made of.


1- The Joker


Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight takes the top spot for many reasons. His portrayal of a psychopath concerned with the quality of being a criminal and a strangely logical sense of justice is compelling. He is a mastermind who knows exactly how to manipulate people many steps ahead while acting like a free-wheeling maniac and pulls off the balance brilliantly. The fact that he is downright funny in a few scenes adds to his charm. Ledger’s ability to transform the common conception of the Joker into a version better than anything we’ve seen before makes the Joker the best villain of all time.