Town Residential Is Bringing Down The House

Anyone that is in to the high-end real estate market knows about Town Residential. Town Residential is among the most known luxury real estate services in all of the state of New York. Town Residential has been able to grow their name in just five short years. This real estate company has been able to create an amazing name for themselves through hard work and dedication. Town Residential is now an integral company in the New York area real estate environment. While many real estate companies may deal with residential sales and commercial sales alone, Town Residential is a company that specializes in luxury real estate sales. This means that the properties that they buy in sell are luxury in design and price. They only work with the most elite housing, and they do not stop until their clients are satisfied.


Town Residential is a luxury real estate company that has been able to set the bar high when it comes to excellence within the industry of luxury residential and commercial sales, leasing, and marketing. The core of their prosperity has been the culture that their team of professionals has been able to establish throughout the years. This is a team of high level professionals that have been able to acquire unsurpassed knowledge when it comes to the industry of luxury residential and commercial sales. The culture at the residential is state the best possible. In fact they were named one of the top of the best places to work in New York City. Town residential has representatives that have the highest level of professionalism and expertise, and they’re able to provide their clients with the best listings in the entire city.


 The founder and CEO of Town Residential is Andrew Heiberger he has been able to get together a team of more than 500 license representatives that have intense knowledge when it comes to luxury real estate in the State of New York. These representatives have been able to use their knowledge to work strategically with different offices through different neighborhoods. Jaqueline Pestana is an individual that has been able to use her experience when it comes to the oversight of Town Residential. She is an individual that is an expert when it comes to legal, listing, and human resources in the real estate industry. Jacaline Pestana has a background in accounting and she has been a leader in the real estate industry for more than 13 years.


Town Residential has been able to work with some of the most famous and high level individuals in New York and around the world. Everyone knows that New York is a town that everyone wants to be in, and Town Residential wants to help their clients to get the perfect location for their new home. These may be individuals that are looking for a chic vacation home, or they are individuals that are looking for their main location. Whatever the case may be, hundreds of individuals have been able to use Town Residential for their luxury home needs.